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The International Viper association is now urging all national bodies to apply for national charter.

Exert form the International Viper association Constitution.



Every member in good standing of a National Class Association, which is also in good standing with the World Council, shall be a member of the International Viper Class Association. The Council may, by bye-law, authorize persons or classes of persons not members of a National Class Association to be members of the International Viper Class Association upon such terms and conditions as the Council determine except that any individual member without a national authority be assigned an existing National Class Association to represent them.


Any country may, upon application to the Executive Officer of the World Council, be granted a charter as a National Class Association provided it satisfies the following requirements of membership to the World Council:

(a) that it has formed a duly constituted National Class Association, recognized by their country's National Authority, for the development of racing Vipers within the country;

(b) that there are not less than (4) four Vipers registered in that country;

(c) that it has a duly elected committee, including such officers as it shall determine necessary and requisite;

(d) that there is no other Association in their country already accredited to the World Council.

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